Friday, May 22, 2015


Individuals have been conditioned to believe of health challenges as “conditions” or “disease” each with its own label to be treated with suppressive measures. There are many research and evidence that show that the real cause of many health challenges is due to the accumulation of different kind of toxins in the body due to our industrialized world and wrong diet. As toxins accumulate more and more they block the cells ability to adequately receive oxygen, nourishment, and to eliminate waste. They eventually penetrates the cells and create the symptoms of many chronic health challenges. Each health challenge is caused by a unique collection of numerous toxins in the particular individual’s body. There may be certain toxins that will be common from one case to another, but each accumulation will be unique in the combination and quantity of toxins causing a particular health challenge. Detoxification is a very effective method of supporting elimination and easing the burden of toxins in the body. Before designing a detoxification program each person will be analyze for his or her particular “toxic signature”, then an appropriate detoxification program is tailored to meet the client’s needs to remove toxins.